A Jinki is a weapon crafted by a piece of Coffin Princess Julie's power and can slay Kanshu. Those who use Jinki are Jinki User. The type of jinki and power differs with every person


The Jinki weapon appearance varies from core to core and from user to user, as Youhei's blade was smaller than Riku's.


To the people editing/adding to this page.

The C.A.G.E., system is based on a game. Ch 58 pg 23, he says "cage". Ch 62 pg 17, it is compared to a game, most likely the one Takao played.

But, this raises the question of, "Why didn't anyone notice the simlarities between the game and the C.A.G.E. system.

  • Answer: The game is at least 7 years old, and the only two people who most likely know the origin of where terms Jinki and Cage are from are Takao and Karasawa. Not everyone plays videogames, and a Cage can only be seen by Jinki Users, Kanshu and etc. The handful number of people who are Jinki Users may not have heard or played this game. Also even if they were to find this connection it wouldnt change anything, it'd more or less than a mere coincidence to them.